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Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Step 3: Easy-lock

Step 3: Easy-lock

Step 3, connecting the Easy-Lock, is carried out after the cable has been installed. The Easy-Lock lets you easily connect a fixture to the 12-volt cable. The Easy-Lock is an important component of our system because good contact with the cable guarantees good current transfer and, as a result, the best possible light yield.

Our Easy-Lock connects perfectly to the 12-volt cable and a special gel protects the connection from moisture and other external influences. Clamp the cable duct onto the cable, slide the duct with the cable into the Easy-Lock and turn the cap until it clicks. Always check to make sure the cap is installed properly on the Easy-Lock. Want to move or replace a lamp? No problem. The Easy-Lock can easily be screwed off and connected at the same or a different part of the cable. The cable will recover by itself.

Important: The video shows two types of cable ducts (a narrow one for the 14/2 cable and a wide one for the 10/2 cable). Due to an update of our 10/2 cable, we only supply one type of cable duct with our fixtures that fits on both cables. 

Make sure the Easy-Lock is always accessible

Attach the Easy-Lock so that you can easily access it at any time. If you are installing Ø60 mm ground lights, keep in mind that you need to install the Easy-Lock directly under the drill hole. With 22 mm ground lights, the Easy-Lock cannot fit through the drill hole, so it is advisable to work with extension cords. You then connect the Easy-Lock to an easily accessible main cable, so you do not face any unforeseen problems later on.

Step 2: Cable

Haven’t installed the cable yet? Go to Step 2 to learn more about how to install the cable, create a cable branch and finish the cable installation.

Step 2

Step 4: Mini-connector

The mini-connector connects the fixture to the Easy-Lock. Continue to Step 4 for more information on connecting the mini-connector.

Step 4