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Are in-lite outdoor fixtures waterproof?

All in-lite fixtures are suitable for outdoor use. Fixtures with LED light sources are waterproof (also refer to the IP values ​​for our products), but are not designed to remain under water permanently. Use our underwater spotlight for this instead.

Can all of the in-lite transformers and cables be combined together?

Yes, with the exception of our mini transformer. We do, however, recommend that you use only one type of cable in your yard, even if you want to install several transformers (and therefore make several cable plans for a single yard). This will prevent mistakes that may lead to less than adequate functioning of the system.

Can I add fixtures to in-lite lighting that I already have?

Yes, you can. You can add fixtures to an existing cable plan or expand your cable plan. However, make sure you consider the maximum load of the transformer and the cable. For more information, visit the installation tips page.

Can I connect in-lite outdoor lighting to a 220 volt cable or main power supply?

Only if the in-lite fixture expressly indicates that it can be connected to 220 or 230 volts. Refer to the installation recommendations for the product in our product list or the manual.

Can I extend the cable for the light sensor?

Yes, you can. Special extension cords are available in 1, 2 and 3 meters.  We recommend that you extend the cable up to a maximum of 3 meters, using as few extension cords as possible. Also watch this video.

Can I install a dimmer on my in-lite system?

No, the electronics in our products are not suitable for that. We remind you that when your lighting is connected to a system that includes products that are not from in-lite, this will void the warranty.

Can I install an LED bulb in an in-lite fixture that has a halogen or incandescent bulb?

No, that is not possible. The construction of these fixtures is not suitable for an LED light source.

Can I install the transformer outdoors?

Of course! All our transformers can be used outdoors. However, you must consider a few things when installing the transformer. Visit the Installation Tips page and read the manual for the specific transformer.

Can I install your lighting systems in paving or wooden structures?

Yes, part of our range of ground lights can be installed in paving and/or wood. Read the installation recommendations for the specific ground lights and the manual for the best way to do this.

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Can I use my own transformer or 12 volt cable?

No, that is not possible. The LED electronics in particular are sensitive to interference or fluctuations in the system. We remind you that when your lighting is connected to a system that includes products that are not from in-lite, this will void the warranty. We can no longer guarantee the quality of our products in such cases.

Can you drive over the in-lite ground lights?

Several of our fixtures can be integrated into, for example, a driveway. Discover the range of drive-over ground lights in our product list.

Do I have to make a lighting plan first?

You don't have to, but it is wise. A lighting plan ensures there is light in the right places. It also makes it easier to choose the fixture type and you can quickly and easily calculate the technical components that are required. Good preparation is half the job! Read our blog about how to create a lighting plan.

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