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Dare to be different

in-lite lab.

Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower

At in-lite, we want to inspire and inform you to the max. About the best product combinations and lighting effects, used to the coolest spots. In the hippest cities, both at home and abroad. The in-lite lab. goes in search of these places, illuminates them and shows the result to the world. This allows you and the rest of the world to experience and be inspired by the countless possibilities in-lite lighting offers for use in your own backyard.

Dare to be different
In-lite lab. is constantly on the lookout for unique outdoor areas and projects to apply creative lighting to. Unusual rooftop areas, decks and hotel landscapes all fall in the category of outdoor spaces where the in-lite lab. is eager to sink its teeth into. These spaces are larger than average and have different needs. That means a different approach has to be taken with lighting. At in-lite lab., we dare to be different and to find a solution for every need.

Do you own a unique outdoor space such as a hotel (rooftop) landscape or a (roof) deck for a restaurant? And would like a creative lighting solution based on a personal approach? One that includes fixtures tailored to your specific preferences? If so, do not hesitate to contact the in-lite lab.

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rooftop terrace zoku amsterdam
Vincent Neven & Thijs van Zessen
in-lite lab.