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4 steps for your lighting plan


4 tips for your lighting plan

What makes a lighting plan successful? These are the 4 most important tips.

in-lite step-by-step lighting Anne's yard

Ultimate flexibility

Step-by-step outdoor lighting

Our system offers ultimate flexibility. Want to start with a few lights and add more later? No problem! Anne had already thoroughly considered which features she wanted to highlight in the yard. She then added lighting fixtures in her backyard one by one. She started with a few outdoor spotlights and a wall light to highlight the ornamental apple trees and shed.

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in-lite outdoor lighting | highlight trees with spotlights - here's how

Highlight trees with spotlights - here's how

Do you have a tree in your yard that you think deserve a bit of extra emphasis? We couldn't agree more! A tree is one of the more beautiful elements to highlight in a yard because it creates height and you can enjoy the changes in the leaves being illuminated through the spring, summer and fall. In this blog, you discover which products to use to highlight a tree. We also give you some tips on what to consider when choosing a product. Just remember the 3 rules provided in this blog and your tree will look amazing!

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We can imagine that after gaining all this inspiration, you may want some help choosing the right lighting for your yard or deck. Contact our dealers for personal lighting advice.