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Installation Tips

Installing in-lite in 5 steps

In-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts). Our lighting is therefore safe and easy to install yourself. You create a professionally installed system in just five steps. If you choose to install the in-lite lighting yourself, read this page carefully and watch the videos. The instructional videos show exactly how to install our system. Always follow these tips during installation and read the product manuals. This will avoid any unfortunate surprises. It is also wise to create a cable plan in advance. If you want to know more on how to do this, read this blog.

Want to see a handy list of all the tips? At the bottom of this page, you can download a summary of the most important installation tips. 

Step 1 | Transformer

This video shows you how to properly install the transformer and light sensor. The transformer controls the lighting and powers the system. So, always make sure that the transformer has sufficient capacity. Add up the calculation values (number of VA, i.e. volt-amperes) for the fixtures in your lighting plan. The total should not exceed 90% of the total output of your transformer. A 56-watt transformer, for example, can handle a maximum of 50 VA in fixtures. Always use the cable lugs provided to connect the cable to the transformer. The cable lugs allow for good current transfer and protect the transformer from damage. The light sensor is installed outside. The lighting will switch on automatically at dusk. So, make sure to install the light sensor away from artificial lighting, which can affect its functioning.

Important: The latest light sensor model (not shown in this video) has a plastic cover cap that provides the light sensor with extra protection from moisture, so do not remove it!


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Step 2 | 12 volt cable

You can now roll out the cable. The cable carries the current and causes the fixtures to illuminate. Install it along paving and borders as much as possible for easy access. Use extension cords for fixtures installed further away from the main cable. You can also create cable branches to guide the cable more effectively along the fixtures. This is done using a cable connector. The cable can end anywhere and a bit of soil over it is sufficient to hide it. To avoid surprises during the installation, we recommend you always make a cable plan in advance. This includes the location of the cable, fixtures, extension cords and cable connectors. When creating your plan, keep in mind that the maximum distances our cables can be laid (14/2 cable - 40 meters/131 feet and 10/2 cable - 80 meters/262.5 feet in a straight line).


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Step 3 | Easy-Lock

Every fixture includes an Easy-Lock which ensures good electrical conduction and that your light gives off the most light. You connect the Easy-Lock to the cable by clamping the supplied cable duct on the cable and placing the entire assembly in the Easy-Lock. Now turn the cap until you hear a click. Always make sure the cap on the Easy-Lock is assembled straight. The special gel which is released protects the connection against moisture and other external influences. It is important that the Easy-Lock is always accessible. If you want to move or replace a light fixture, this is no problem. Simply twist the Easy-Lock loose and re-connect is somewhere else. The cable repairs itself.

Caution! The video shows 2 types of cable ducts (a narrow channel for the 14/2 cable and wide channel for the 10/2 cable). Due to an update to our 10/2 cable, we only provide 1 type of cable ducts with the fixtures which fits on both cables.



Step 4 | Mini-connector

The mini-connector connects the fixture to the Easy-Lock. The soft PVC casing protects the connection from moisture and dirt. The mini-connector also lets you easily pull the fixture cable through a hole in a tile or wall. The standard cable for our fixtures is approximately 60 cm/23.5 in long (different cable lengths are listed with the product on the website). If you want to install the fixture further from the main cable or mount a wall fixture at height, an extension cord can be used. This is installed between the Easy-Lock mini-connector and the fixture.



Step 5 | Fixture

Finally, install the fixture at the desired location. Always follow the instructions and installation recommendations in our product manuals. If you want to install ground lights in your deck, keep in mind that you will probably have to drill holes in the tiles or boards. It is important to do this correctly because a hole that is not drilled perfectly round can cause installation problems. A dealer or landscaper can take care of this for you since they have the right tools. If you would rather not drill holes, we also offer a special box which allows you to easily install some of our ground lights between the paving or in a loose surface such as gravel.




Want to take your time and read all the information again? Download the installation sheet in the Learning Center. This includes the most important installation tips for each step to achieve a professionally installed in-lite system.

Download installation sheet
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