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Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Step 4: Mini-connector

Step 4: Mini-connector

Time for Step 4: the mini-connector! The mini-connector connects the fixture to the Easy-Lock. The connection is protected from moisture and dirt thanks to the soft pvc casing. The mini-connector lets you easily guide the fixture cable through a whole in a tile or wall.

This video shows you how to connect the mini-connector.

Extension cord

The standard cable length on our fixtures is around 60 cm (different cable lengths are stated in the product description on the website). If you want to attach the fixture further along the main cable or want to install a wall light at a height, you can use an extension cord. This cord is placed between the mini-connector for the fixture and for the Easy-Lock.

We offer extension cords in 1 m, 2 m and 3 m lengths.


Install the components of the in-lite system so that they are always accessible for replacement. This applies to the fixtures, transformers, Easy-Locks, cable connectors (CC-2) and mini-connector.

Step 3: Easy-Lock

Want to learn how to connect the Easy-Lock? Go back to Step 3!

Step 3

Step 5: Fixture

Time to connect the light(s)! Go to Step 5 to learn more about connecting bollards, wall lights, ground lights and outdoor spotlights.

Step 5