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Step-by-step outdoor yard lighting

in-lite step-by-step lighting in the yard remade with love

Step-by-step outdoor yard lighting

Our system offers ultimate flexibility. Want to start with a few lights and add more later? No problem! Have you seen the new collection and want to update the lighting in your yard? Our system allows you to easily adjust, as well as expand, the lighting in your yard. 

Wondering how Anne took on this challenge? Read more!

in-lite step-by-step lighting step 1

Step 1 | Ornamental apple trees and garden shed

Anne had already thoroughly considered which features she wanted to highlight in the yard. She then added lighting fixtures in her backyard one by one. She started with a few outdoor spotlights and a wall light to highlight the ornamental apple trees and shed.

Products used:

in-lite step-by-step lighting step 2

Step 2 | The dining area

The next feature to be illuminated was her favorite part of the yard, the dining area. For this, she installed ACE wall lights on the fence. “This fixture produces a wonderful beam of light that does not shine directly into your eyes and I really like the cool dark design,” says Anne.

Products used:

in-lite step-by-step lighting step 3

Step 3 | Serviceberry tree & hydrangeas

To accentuate the serviceberry tree and the hydrangeas, she used NERO ground lights and MINI SCOPE outdoor spotlight. Anne says, “The lighting really brings out the character of the plants.”

Products used:

in-lite step-by-step lighting step 4

Step 4 | Ornamental grasses in the borders

And, last but not least, as the crowning final touch, Anne placed a number of bollards in the ornamental grass. Anne says, “The ambiance that the outdoor lighting creates lets us enjoy the appearance of our yard even longer each day and, not only that, but also be able to see each other, which I personally enjoy.”

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in-lite outdoor lighting inspiration

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