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Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Step 1: Transformer

Step 1: Transformer

in-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts), making it safe and easy to connect. It takes only five steps to professionally install an in-lite system.

Step 1 is to connect the transformer. The transformer controls the lighting and powers the system. So, always make sure that the transformer has sufficient capacity. How do you calculate this? It’s easy! Add up the calculation values (number of VA, i.e. volt-amperes) for the fixtures in your lighting plan. The total should not exceed 90% of the total output of your transformer. A 56-watt transformer, for example, can handle a maximum of 50 VA in fixtures. The transformer can be installed on a wall, fence or post (around 50 cm from the ground).

This video shows you how to properly install the transformer and light sensor.

Cable lugs ensure good current transfer

Always connect the cable to the transformer using the cable lugs provided. Poorly connected cables can prevent good current transfer and cause heat generation, which can seriously damage the transformer.

The video shows you how to install the cable lugs.

Installing and/or extending the light sensor

The light sensor is installed outside. The lighting will switch on automatically at dusk. So, make sure to install the light sensor away from artificial lighting, which can affect its functioning. Our latest light sensor model has a plastic cover cap (not visible in this video). The cap provides extra protection from moisture, so do not remove it!

The installation video for the transformer showed you how to connect the light sensor. This video shows you how to extend the light sensor cable.

Configuring the transformer

Now that you have installed the light sensor, you can configure the transformer. Our transformer has several options:

Option 1 - Dusk to Dawn – The lighting switches on at dusk and off at dawn.

Option 2 - On hours – The lighting switches on at dusk and stays on for the set number of hours.

Option 3 - On/off – This option lets you switch the lighting on and off manually.

If you want to save energy, for example, we recommend configuring the transformer to the desired number of operational hours in combination with the light-sensitive sensor. The lighting will then switch on at dusk and stay on for the set number of hours only.

Installation tips

Want to read through the best installation tips at your convenience? Download the installation tips leaflet, which contains the most important installation tips for each step to ensure a professionally installed in-lite system.

Download the installation leaflet

Step 2: Cable

Time to roll out the cable! Go to step 2 to learn more about how to install the cable, create a cable branch and finish the cable installation.

Step 2