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Virtual reality yard tour

Yard in 360°

in-lite vr yard tour

Virtual yard tour

Want to experience what in-lite outdoor lighting can do for your yard? Try our virtual tour! Walk through our yard during the day and night to see which outdoor lights are used and the effect they have. You can do the tour with or without VR goggles. 

View the regular version of the tour
Start the tour using the link below and walk through the garden by clicking the arrows. To switch between day and night mode, click the sun/moon and for product information, click the plus signs.

View the tour with VR goggles
Want to take the tour using 3D VR goggles? Start the tour on your smartphone and turn it horizontally. To begin the tour in VR mode, click the VR logo at the bottom of the screen and then on in-lite. You can now place your smartphone in the VR goggles. Make sure your phone is centered in the holder. Set the lens to the correct pupillary distance and enjoy the tour! Resting your gaze on the sun/moon changes between day and night mode and for product information, just look at the pluses. Enjoy the tour!

Start the tour