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In the yard of Helen & Folly


Green oasis

The yard of Helen and Folly is a green oasis, right in the center of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The main feature in the yard is the Katsura tree/caramel tree; a stunning green tree with heart-shaped leaves. Besides being nice to look at from the living room window, the tree also offers shade on hot summer days. “We have hung a lounge chair under the tree in order to enjoy the relaxing shade in the summer. It is a dream of a location!”, explains Helen. “The tree also casts a shadow over our dining area, and that's fantastic if we decide to have a barbecue early on a summer afternoon. The lighting then becomes a great feature later in the evening”, adds Folly.

garden helen folly

Emphasis on the stunning Katsura tree

Lighting has been installed at various places in the yard. Naturally, greenery in the borders has been illuminated. Due to the high plants, this has been done using the LIV DARK. The Katsura tree has been illuminated using three NERO’s, which cast uniform light on the treetop. The NERO’s have been placed in the gravel around the deck, which means the light source is barely visible from the lounge chair.

helen and folly when inside

Depth in the yard

“When inside the house, we almost always look out into the yard. The HYVE 22 in the steps and spotlights at the back have suddenly added more depth to the yard”, says Helen. The lights in the steps also serve a functional purpose; they offer extra visibility and thus improve safety. That's also why the WEDGE WHITE has been placed against the wooden cladding. It improves visibility near the shed door and gate, which is great when the children come home in the evening. “The other great thing about the wall lights is their color and how they are positioned. They catch everyone's eye and help to add extra emphasis to the black/white theme in our yard”, explains Helen.

helen and folly katsura boom
helen and folly wedge white
helen and folly chair

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